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Silverfox Farm

About Us



To accommodate our equine residents we have 40 indoor stalls, 75' x 170' indoor arena, 80' x 200' outdoor sand ring, many paddocks, and 100 acres of hacking.

Our Horses' Lifestyle


The equine residents at Silverfox enjoy a customized lifestyle according to their needs. Our care includes individual turn out, small group turn out, large group turn out, daytime or night time turn out, 24/7 turn out. Whatever our horses want! As for feed they receive customized grain feedings twice a day, unlimited hay, and MAAX Equine Hay Cubes. 

Our Equine Residents


We are fortunate to have many different equine residents that are employed in different fields. We have dressage horses in training and competing, young horses in training, 2 breeding stallions, many broodmares and foals, as well as some retirees that take their jobs very seriously as lawn mowers. We love all our residents and their many personalities!